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Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

14th November 2013

We are halfway through Oral Cancer Month now.  The British Dental Health Foundation reports that deaths from the disease were 2,500 in 2011 in the UK.  Lifestyle choices heavily influence your risk of developing mouth cancer.  Tobacco use, drinking alcohol to excess, poor diet and the human papillomavirus (HPV), often transmitted via oral sex, all…

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Mouth Cancer Action Month November 2013

31st October 2013

This November we will be supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month again. Staff will be wearing the blue ribbon badge to show their support in trying to raise awareness of this disease. Did you know? Mouth Cancer Statistics 6,539 new mouth cancer cases every year (based on latest statistics in 2010).1 That’s around 18 people every day.1…

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Stoptober 2013

1st October 2013

It’s like October but without the cigarettes.  Last October 160,000 people stopped smoking for 28 days.   What happens when you stop smoking according to the smoking timeline: Within 20 minutes: your blood pressure, body temperature and pulse rate will drop to normal. Within 8 hours: smoker’s breathe disappears, the carbon monoxide in your blood levels…

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Cheese can help prevent tooth decay.

26th September 2013

A recent study has shown that eating cheese can help prevent tooth decay. The study showed that plaque was less acidic after eating cheese.  Also it theorised that the chewing action increases saliva and compounds in the cheese itself may adhere to tooth enamel and further protect teeth from acid.

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New Source of Advice on Tooth Whitening

11th September 2013

A new website to protect the public from illegal and harmful tooth whitening launches today. Under the guidance of the Tooth Whitening Information group (TWIG), the website – – aims to educate the public on how to achieve tooth whitening in a safe and legal way. The site will also act as a resource…

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Going on holiday?

26th July 2013

If you are a Denplan member you have dental emergency cover with them. So if you are unfortunate enough to have a dental emergency, give them a call. Failing that go to a local dentist and get a receipt for any payment you have made. Call denplan on your return and they will instruct you…

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Illegal Tooth Whitening

18th June 2013

October 31st saw a tightening of UK Law regarding tooth whitening.  Products for teeth whitening containing or releasing 0.1 and 6% hydrogen peroxide can only be sold to a registered dental practitioner. A recent “Fake Britain” program highlighted the case of Mr Barringon Charles Armstrong Thorpe who was receiving  a jail term for misleading consumers as…

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Sugary Drinks

4th June 2013

Sugary drinks may kill you! We all know that sugary drinks can harm teeth.  Research by the American Heart Association has suggested that sugary drinks contribute to 180,000 deaths a year worldwide by linking them to 133,000 diabetics deaths, 44,000 deaths from hart disease and 6,000 deaths from cancer. So cutting sugary drinks out of…

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Reduce stroke risk factors

11th April 2013

How having your teeth scaled can reduce your chance of having a stoke.

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Comic Relief

19th March 2013

A big thank you to all our patients’ who helped us raise £100 for comic relief in our Pick Your Nose competition.

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