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November 2023 Newsletter

November 2023 Newsletter

7 November 2023

What’s the news… So how are you? Are you coping with less daylight? This year I must start my Christmas preparations earlier. But then I say that every year! Each year Denplan commission an Oral Health Survey, quizzing 5,000 consumers in the UK. This year’s paints a shocking picture of access to dental care in…

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What Constitutes a Dental Emergency? Know When to Seek Immediate Care

6 November 2023

Some oral problems are more urgent than others so how do you know when to come in quickly? A facial swelling – this indicates a spreading infection, and you should come and see us quickly. A temperature – if you have a temperature and toothache again this could be a dental infection and you need…

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October 2023 Newsletter

30 October 2023

What’s the news… Welcome to our October newsletter. So as the nights draw in, we say goodbye to summer, and everyone is back at school and work. This is traditionally the time when there are more courses for our team to attend and our thoughts turn to this year’s learning. Fran, one of our hygienists…

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Happy New Year!

18 January 2023

So, it’s January once again. Not my favourite time of year dark cold and so far, this year, very wet! It can be a good time to focus on your health though. This year I am doing dry January again. What do you have planned? I had some time off in the new year so…

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Mouth Cancer

9 November 2022

What causes more deaths in the UK each year than testicular and cervical cancer combined? The answer is mouth cancer. It also kills more people, than road traffic accidents do. November is mouth cancer awareness mouth and every year we try at the practice to raise awareness of this disease. Sadly, incidence of mouth cancer…

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Dentistry in the News

12 August 2022

So, it’s summertime traditionally news stories can be in short supply, dentistry has made it into the news, as is often the case for the wrong reasons. Dental Tourism The British Dental Association has been working with the BBC to highlight the dangers of going aboard to have cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is so precious…

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A fresh start for spring

25 May 2022

Slowly we are starting to get back to pre-pandemic at the practice and at home. I love this time of year- the days are lighter, the trees beautiful fresh green, the garden looks good and in between showers we get some nice weather. So, despite war in Ukraine and economic doom and gloom we are…

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Have you been watching the Olympics?

6 August 2021

I have been more than usual this time. Often, it’s only Wimbledon that I watch on TV sport wise. These games though I am getting into it! It’s been great to have some good news. It’s very moving at times to see people reaching what is for many their childhood dream, often facing difficult challenges…

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alarm clock

Where did the time go?!

9 February 2021

This week I have found myself many times thinking where did 2020 go? Or how is it the end of January already? Is it really so long since we looked at that? I think with the pandemic and all the restrictions it brings we feel that time has stood still. Our usual landmarks like holidays…

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Mouth Cancer Action Month November 2020

Mouth Cancer Action month – A dental “check-up” could save your life

11 November 2020

Tomorrow is the start of the second lock down. I am delighted that this time dental practices can stay open. Yes, some dentistry is cosmetic but the majority is concerning your health and dentists do find mouth cancer. If we are closed, patients are not checked, and cancers get missed. Covid-19 is serious but other…

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