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Lindley Dental 20 years young!

Lindley Dental 20 years young!

26th February 2020

Back in 1999 I was working reasonably happily in Mirfield. My colleague there told me he was going to look at a practice that was for sale in Huddersfield. I will come with you I said, I know where that is, I live nearby. The rest as they say is history! 20 years later I…

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Taking time to plan

1st February 2020

Where are you going? Where to you want to be? Big questions! How often do any of us take some time to plan our futures? What are we working towards and is it what we want? We are all very busy but are we achieving what we want to? This year we are working in…

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Trying to do the Right Thing Part 2

14th January 2020

Happy New Year to You! Last year we started to try and be kinder to the environment at the practice. There is still a lot to do but we have made a start. So, what progress have we made? A recent addition to our clinical kit has been the arrival of our digital scanner. This…

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How much sugar is in those Xmas drinks?

3rd December 2019

Christmas is fast approaching and the coffee chains all have festive drinks to tempt us. Personally, I don’t have a problem resisting them, as I don’t see why the date should affect my choice of coffee! My daughter, however, loves them and usually tries a fair few of them in the run-up to Christmas. We…

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If in doubt get it checked out!

7th November 2019

Mouth Cancer Action Month occurs every November organised by the Orla Health Foundation. They hope to raise awareness of the disease and encourage us all to be mouth aware. Here’s what they have to say: “By spotting mouth cancer early, we have a much better chance of beating it. With early diagnosis, the chances of…

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Jumping on the band wagon!

4th October 2019

These days we are all very influenced by social media and what well known people are doing. We don’t just follow logic when it comes to our buying choices. I have recently had patients ask me about charcoal toothpaste. Now toothpaste doesn’t need re-inventing, we have ones that do what we need already. Why would…

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Trying to do the right thing

18th September 2019

I may be getting older, a big birthday is looming, but do you think like me it is getting more difficult to do the right thing? We want our patients to use an electric toothbrush. Sounds simple enough but what about all the plastic you can’t recycle easily when the head needs changing? The same…

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Smiling Matters

31st July 2019

This is the title of a report CQC have just brought out looking at Oral care in care homes which caught my attention. Now the state of the nation’s children’s teeth does make headlines and rightly so. Rarely though does the condition of are older people’s teeth get any attention. I have long been concerned…

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Great staff = great business

1st July 2019

I have recently started doing some work for the Care Quality Commission or CQC. They inspect, amongst other things, dental practices and a dentist goes with the inspector when they visit a practice. One Monday off I went to a practice in South Yorkshire. I walked up the path, which had a big hole in…

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Nicely Sold To

11th June 2019

When was the last time you were well sold to? Selling has got a bad name for itself. If you are my age double glazing sales men spring to mind. More recently it has been PPI. Pushy sales people trying to sell something to you that you don’t want. It shouldn’t be like that. A…

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