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Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening, Teeth Whitening

A simple cosmetic whitening treatment can take years off your appearance!

Many things can cause your teeth to yellow or discolour over the years. These include smoking, drinking tea, coffee or wine… or just the passage of time.

Fortunately, there’s plenty we can do about it. Due to recent technical advances, tooth whitening has become a highly successful and increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. Here at Lindley Dental Centre, we’re delighted to be able to offer our patients professionally supervised tooth whitening.

Although teeth themselves whiten well, you should remember that any fillings or crowns will remain the same colour and may need replacing to match the new lighter shade of your teeth.

Why go to a dental practice for teeth whitening? The General Dental Council, whose role is to protect patients, believes tooth whitening to be part of the practice of dental care and should therefore only be carried out by the registered professionals that it regulates. It is important that your teeth are assessed by a dentist before starting treatment so they can assess whether the treatment is right for you.

What about home kits you can buy? Many kits sold in the UK do not contain enough of the whitening product to be effective and some kits sold over the internet may contain mild acids and abrasives. (Source BDHF)

‘At-Home’ Whitening

(Also known as ‘Tray-based’ whitening).

The at-Home Teeth Whitening system enables you to carry out your own fresh smile makeover at home whilst being a supervised team. A gel is placed in a thin custom-made tray which is worn over your teeth (usually at night).

We have carried out this method of whitening for several years now and we have had many very pleasing results.

We take moulds of your teeth and the light comfortable trays are then custom made. You then place the whitening gel in your trays, which you wear over your teeth usually at night. A standard course of treatment is two weeks in the upper jaw and two weeks for the lower.

We fit the upper trays first and then give you your instructions and your whitening gel. Two weeks later we check you are getting on well and then fit the lower tray.

Whitening works best for teeth that have become brown or yellow. Teeth that are grey can be more resistant. Some patients find that after using the gel their teeth are sensitive. This may result in a slower approach being taken and de-sensitising agents may be needed.

Occasionally bleaching may not be possible and your dentist will be able to advise you.

Teeth may eventually need whitening again. The second time around is quicker and if you keep your trays, can be done at a reduced price.

Treatment may need to be extended in some cases. Some teeth take longer to whiten than others and sometimes the desired end shade is lighter than can be achieved.

Tooth whitening is simple to carry out and can really brighten your smile without having to resort to extensive dental work.

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