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Saving teeth and transforming smiles

Fitting a crown can make a huge difference to a patient’s well-being by restoring a lost smile. A crown allows us to restore a tooth that is too worn or damaged to fully repair it with just a filling.

Crowns are an important element of our range of cosmetic dentistry treatments and are available in a wide variety of shapes and shades which are made bespoke to the individual needs of our patients. Normally a choice is made after careful consultation with the dentists, dental technicians and, most importantly, yourself. We can demonstrate models and show pictures – so you can take all the time you need to make sure you’ve made the right choice.

How the crowning process works

Normally just two visits are required to complete the process:

Visit One

The dentist will shape your tooth and take an impression. A temporary crown is then usually fitted. The impression then goes to the dental technician who will hand-craft the permanent crown to fit precisely in place over your prepared tooth.

Visit Two

The dentist makes sure you’re happy with the final result and firmly cements the crown into place.

Choosing the right type of crown for you

Normally a choice is made after careful consultation with the dentists, dental technicians and, most importantly, yourself. We can offer the following types:

Traditional gold crowns

Gold crowns are very hard wearing and long lasting. Only a small amount of tooth has to be removed because gold is strong, and so the crown can be thinner. Gold crowns are suitable for back teeth in all cases but some people prefer not to have them in easily visible positions because they are not tooth coloured are not to everybody’s taste.

Porcelain-metal bonded crowns

These crowns have a layer of precious metal under the porcelain for additional strength. They are suitable for front teeth, especially if you have a strong bite, and for back teeth. Different types of precious metal can be used; a high yellow gold content gives a warmer appearance.

Porcelain crowns (metal free)

A wide range of metal-free crowns are available. The absence of metal allows light to pass through the crown, giving a more natural appearance. Your dentist can advise you which type would be suitable for you. Briefly they are as follows:

Procera and lava crowns

Only recently developed, these crowns have a unique core layer of porcelain which is made via a computer which is especially strong and long-lasting. Their entire porcelain construction gives them a very natural appearance. They are suitable for back and front teeth, even if you have a strong bite.

Posts and cores

These are needed when a tooth is very badly broken down and only the root is left. The post fits into the root and the crown is made to fit over the post.

Here is a testimonial from one of our patients, read more.

An excellent service carried out with patience, and humour in comfortable surroundings. I am always kept fully informed regarding my teeth, and dental hygiene

Mr. A. Seabourne