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Dental Health Check

examination, Dental Health Check

Your regular dental health check appointment much more than a glance at your teeth!

Many patients come to us thinking that all dental examinations are all basically the same – a cursory glance at the teeth to see if any fillings are needed.

At Lindley Dental Centre we prefer the term Dental Health Check and we know that it entails a great deal more than a quick look – but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that we will take up too much of your time or make you feel in any way uncomfortable.

Here’s a broad outline of what our dentists will do – and what they’re looking for – when you visit us for your regular dental health check

1. We examine your teeth

This might sound obvious! Basically, the natural tooth substance is examined for signs of decay, any breakages and any signs of wear. Tooth wear can be from acid erosion, overzealous brushing or tooth grinding.

Any fillings you already have are checked to ensure that there is a good seal where they join the tooth. We also look for signs of wear, breakage, fractures or cracks, discolouration and for any secondary decay around them.

Crowns and bridges are checked for a good seal around where they join the tooth, that they are firmly cemented and again for any signs of decay around them.

2. We check the gums

The dentist then moves on to check your gums. This is very important – you may have heard that more teeth are lost through gum disease than decay… after all, no gums means no teeth!

Gum problems are often only painful in the late stages; your dentist will notice them sooner than you will. He or she will use a probe to check that the gums are firmly attached to the teeth, also looking for any puffiness, bleeding and discharge – all signs which can indicate a problem. Periodically the level of bone in the gums may be checked using x-rays.

The amount of plaque and tartar is also assessed as both of these harbour damaging bacteria.

3. We observe the soft tissues of your mouth

The dentist will carefully examine your tongue, floor of the mouth and inside your cheek, looking for infections, ulcers, precancerous lesions and oral cancer. If picked up early oral cancer can be treated.

Your dentist may enquire as to your smoking and drinking habits.

4. We test your jaw joint

The dentist checks your jaw joint for the amount of opening, any pain, clicks and other noises. If appropriate the dentist will check the muscles that move your jaw.

All in all, quite a bit more to it than just a quick checkup.

Here is a testimonial from one of our patients, read more.

An excellent service carried out with patience, and humour in comfortable surroundings. I am always kept fully informed regarding my teeth, and dental hygiene

Mr. A. Seabourne