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Missing Teeth

bridge, Missing Teeth

Bridges are a complex form of treatment, made to be fixed onto your own teeth to replace one or two other teeth which have been lost.

Like all our treatments, Lindley Dental Centre’s professionals only make decisions after closely involving patients throughout the process. We’ll also involve dental technicians in deciding the right type of bridgework for you.

Traditional bridges

Traditional bridges consist of a false tooth or teeth which are supported by your own teeth. The supporting teeth are crowned. Due to advances in materials development it is now possible to make bridges from all-porcelain materials.

To fit a bridge, the teeth either side of the gap are shaped, and an impression is taken. When the technician constructs the bridge he also makes the extra tooth which is held between the two crowns. Your dentist then cements the whole piece into place.

Maryland bridges

These are special bridges suitable for the replacement of some missing front teeth. The false tooth is held in place by a metal wing that is glued to the back of the tooth next to the gap.

Compared to traditional bridges, only a very small amount of shaping has to be done to the natural tooth. Occasionally the bridge may become loose but generally can be replaced by your dentist.

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