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Back to school

Back to school
1 September 2016

So summer is drawing to an end (unfortunately) and it’s time to think about sending the children back to school.

It can be a busy time of year; here are a few pointers from a dental point of view:

  • Sports Guards- Contact sports can result in serious dental injuries including loose of teeth. Shop brought guards that you modify yourself will not fit very well. If the guard does not fit well your child is less likely to wear it as it will be uncomfortable and it may fall out during play. At Lindley Dental we can custom make guards to fit your child. We can also offer numerous colours and patterns. We can do team colours for example or do very bright ones that are harder to loose!

  • Lunch boxes- Doing the pack lunch is not easy and it’s tempting to each for the convenient prepared foods. From a dental point of view it all about trying to reduce the amount of sugar and erosive acid in your child eats/drinks. Sugar can lead to tooth decay and acid can erode the enamel of the teeth. Well meaning parents can be caught out “healthy” foods are not always safe for teeth.

  • Dried fruit- High in sugar, the drying concentrates it and also very sticky so stay on the teeth
  • Apple Juice- high in vitamin C but high in sugar like all fruit juice. Best limited to once a day with a meal. For snacks stick to whole fruit not juice.
  • Fizzy pop- a more obvious no-no, very high in sugar and also acidic so can dissolve the enamel of teeth. Diet versions don’t have the sugar but still have the acid so are best avoided for childrenSo try and get them into good habits with their lunch boxes. Cheese, whole fruit and breadsticks are all tooth friendly and don’t take any preparation.
  • Dental Health Check- For many parents September is a fresh start. So when did your child last have their teeth checked? Now is a great time to get them booked in. Things can change quickly in a child’s mouth so it is important they come regularly to the dentist.

If you child doesn’t have a dentist, no problem, act now! We are welcoming new children at Lindley Dental. We offer a comprehensive children’s plan that focuses on prevention.

So it’s time to get organised parents.

Where did I put those name tapes now?

Sharon Jardine