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Nervous Patients

nervous patients, Nervous Patients

Are you anxious about dental treatment?

To some extent most people are anxious about having dental treatment and here at Lindley Dental we fully appreciate this. We also know that for some anxiety is a major obstacle to achieving good dental health.

Each patient is different and we will tailor our approach to make things as easy for you as we can. Our staff keep you completely informed every step of the way and we find this puts a lot of anxiety at ease.

All of our treatment rooms have music to provide a bit of distraction. You are very welcome to bring your favourite CD or iPod in so that you can feel more at ease whilst undergoing treatment.

If you are anxious about having local anesthetic we have a gel we can use to numb your gum first to make it easier. Our clinicians take their time and are very careful with their anesthetic delivery. The nurse will explain to you that you are in control during your treatment and can raise your hand anytime if you are uncomfortable and we will stop and help you. The nurse will be constantly observing you, looking to see that you are comfortable.

Some patients need to take things slowly. We can arrange short appointments and build up your confidence by completing a simple task first, a gentle clean for example, and gradually progressing to more challenging treatments when you are ready. We can also discuss your needs away from the treatment room if this is helpful.

Other clients prefer having as much treatment as possible at each visit and we are happy to do this too. We work at the pace that suits you. Our independence allows us to be flexible.

For clients with severe anxiety problems or for those undergoing a lengthy or more difficult treatment we can arrange IV sedations. A sedative drug is used to give profound relaxation. For further information please speak to a member of the team here at Lindley Dental or click here.

Many of our patients comment on how comfortable their treatment was and how it wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected.

We look forward to looking after you.

Here is a testimonial from one of our patients, read more.


More pleased than I can say, not only have cured my terror of dentists, but my smile hasn’t looked better for 40 years – or been healthier!

Mrs. M. Ashurst