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Beam more brightly this New Year

Beam more brightly this New Year
5 January 2017

We can’t promise to create a whole new you for the New Year, but we can help you face 2017 with a much brighter smile on your face.

The festive period can play havoc with your poor teeth – you may have had a few too many glasses of red wine, drunk too much fizzy cola or supped on copious after dinner coffees. All these ‘nice but naughty’ indulgences can leave your pearly whites looking a little dull and make you much less willing to smile. Smoking, the ageing process and certain medications can also cause discolouration but we can address this smile limiting problem with our safe, effective teeth whitening.

First and foremost, we will try to work out what is causing any discolouration and then decide which method is best for you. We offer two ways to transform your smile – you can either whiten while you relax at home or achieve lighter teeth more quickly with our in-surgery procedure, which uses the clever Zoom system.

How convenient ‘At-home’ whitening works

You carry out this whitening method in your own cosy home but the whole process is still overseen by our experienced team.

  • We take impressions of your teeth and create comfy custom-made trays that will fit you perfectly. As they are such a good fit, the whitening gel will have good contact with your teeth and produce great results.
  • You then wear these trays with the gel, usually while happily dreaming in your bed, for around four weeks.

How speedy ‘In-surgery’ whitening works

With this smart system, you come to us for a blast of whiteness.

  • First, we will protect your tender lips and gums and then we apply a higher strength gel to your teeth.
  • We then accelerate the whitening process using a special bright light. After 15 minutes, the gel is removed and then reapplied, usually around four times.
  • You’ll be able to see results on the very same day, but you finish off the whitening process with some tailor-made mouth trays.

, Beam more brightly this New Year

More whitening ways

Some teeth can take longer to lighten, so the shade you want may take more time to achieve. Also whitening will not work on dental restorations such as white fillings, veneers and crowns.

The results from teeth whitening are satisfyingly noticeable and it is a procedure that offers a simple, cost-effective way to jazz up your smile (and make you look younger), without having extensive restorative work. However, these results are not permanent, so if you want to keep smiling more brightly, for longer, you can pop back for a top-up and simply reuse your custom-made mouth trays.

The smarter choice

If you come to Lindley Dental for your teeth whitening, you can be sure you’ll receive the best possible care. The General Dental Council views teeth whitening as a practice of dentistry which should only be carried out by registered professionals – that’s where we come in! We fully assess your teeth prior to treatment and only use the highest quality products and equipment. Many over-the-counter kits do not contain an effective lightening gel and other kits that can be purchased online may even damage your teeth.

So, if you’re seeking a spruced up smile for the 2017 – give us a call on 01484 425192

During January and February we are offering £100 off tooth whitening so don’t delay

, Beam more brightly this New Year