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Choosing the right interdental cleaning method

Choosing the right interdental cleaning method
1 October 2017

You may think you’re getting your mouth clean with your toothbrush. Did you realise though that a large area of your gums is located in between your teeth and just can’t be reached by your regular toothbrush? This is called the interdental area.

This is the place where most of the plaque biofilm (bacteria) settles and causes inflammation.

, Choosing the right interdental cleaning methodTo prevent the inflammation – a sign of gum disease, you need to clean this plaque away.

To do this there are a variety of interdental aids that can be used depending on the size of the interdental spaces and each individual person’s manual dexterity or ability.

Floss and interdental brushes are the most common ways of cleaning between teeth and Dental Implants. Research has shown that Interdental brushes, such as TePe’s and Wisdom Clean Between are the most effective way of cleaning interdentally. Floss or Tape is more suitable for very tight or awkward interdental spaces.

Interspace brushes (single tufted) are good for large spaces and to clean around lone standing teeth, wisdom teeth, dental implants and bridges.

Also available are Airflossers and Waterpiks. These are most useful in large interdental spaces and around bridge / crown and Implant work.

This video shows how to use an Airflosser.

So, there is a lot of choice! Don’t get put off. When you visit one of our Dental Hygienists they will suggest what would be suitable for your month. Everyone is different and it isn’t one rule for all, the important point is to have a personalised preventive plan drawn up for you by our team.

We will also monitor your progress and see how you are getting on with the chosen method altering if necessary.

To have a healthy month you need healthy gums so why not call and book to see one of our hygiene team at Lindley Dental?

See you soon!

Dr Sharon Jardine

Principal Dentist
Lindley Dental