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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Michael had an implant treatment with us that was completed April 2014

Now I can eat using both sides equally, I don’t have to deal with prosthetics and it’s just like having my old tooth back – only better

So having been a little nervous at first, I am now delighted with the result and am most thankful to my Dentist and her team for pointing me in what was definitely the right direction. Yes it did cost more than a little, but to my mind it has been well worth it. I am enormously grateful to all involved; every one was very kind and helpful. Had I elected to do nothing, I would still have the gap with all its problems.

Thank you all so much.

And to those unsure and still minding a gap I would say – if you can possibly fund it, then go for it – look to the future – close that gap – you are most unlikely to regret it .

Michael Sills, April 2014