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Why should I have a dental health check?

Why should I have a dental health check?
15 June 2016

We are all very busy these days so why should we make time to have a dental health check? Well there are many benefits to having one:

Tooth decay- a dentist can pick up decay before much damage has occurred, before you will notice anything is different. Any dental work, even with today’s technology, is not as good as the original tooth. So a minimal repair when decay is spotted early is better than waiting until you feel something is wrong.

Gum Disease- Although you may notices changes in your gums yourself, often once you are aware of a gum problem it is in an advanced stage. Gum disease destroys the bone that supports your teeth and this cannot be replaced. Gum disease is increasingly linked with other areas of health such as diabetes and heart disease. So treatment for it can help the rest of your body as well.

Tooth Wear-Advanced tooth wear from grinding or from acid erosion is difficult and costly to restore. If picked up early by your dentist prevention can be started and minor repairs carried out. You maybe blissfully unaware that you are wearing away your teeth, your dentist will spot the signs.

Oral Cancer- An oral cancer check is part of a dental health check. Cancer can occur in all the soft pink areas of your mouth particularly your tongue and the floor of your mouth, which is under your tongue. Early lesions can be painless and you may well not spot them. Early detection vastly improves the success of treatment. So that dental visit could save your life.

So in summary yes find some space in your schedule for a dental health check. It can help keep your healthy!

Sharon Jardine