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Dentistry in the News

Dentistry in the News
12 August 2022

, Dentistry in the NewsSo, it’s summertime traditionally news stories can be in short supply, dentistry has made it into the news, as is often the case for the wrong reasons.

Dental Tourism

The British Dental Association has been working with the BBC to highlight the dangers of going aboard to have cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is so precious and most cosmetic treatments are irreversible, so proceed with caution.  Dentistry should be individual, and a treatment plan can’t be drawn up just from seeing photos of the patient.

Your dentist should discuss fully with you what you are hoping to achieve before a plan is drawn up. You should always be informed of any after care needed and how long the results is likely to last. No dentistry last forever a veneer may last 10 years so if you are in your 20s that’s a lot of replacements in your lifetime.

Dentists in the UK are now trying to correct some treatment done overseas.

The NHS has a list of what do look out for;

  • a hard sell
  • a lack of information
  • pressure to make a quick decision
  • no discussion of possible complications
  • no mention of aftercare

If it looks too good to be true it probably is- so be careful. It may be better to wait and have treatment here with a dentist you know and trust than to go for a one-off treatment aboard.

NHS Access

Nothing new here we have a serious access to NHS dentistry problem. A survey now out from the BBC reports 9 out of 10 NHS dental practices are not taking on adult patients. Like many other services the pandemic has seen this problem get worse. The period we were closed, restricts on return, staff shortages, a back log of demand, the list goes on, all have lead to an already broken service falling apart.

We are not doing NHS work now, but we can sympathise with colleagues trying to make it work. It needs a radical overhaul. If you are looking for some emergency care we will fit you in if we can.

Enjoy the lovely weather! Let’s hope some good news is on the horizon


The documentary Turkey Teeth: Bargain Smiles or Big Mistake? is now available on BBC iPlayer