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17 April 2019

, Habits!

What do you do by habit? What is your routine at home in the morning for example? The odds are on a work day you do the same things in the same order without thinking.

Habits/routines can be very useful to us. I go to yoga every Tuesday evening. I don’t think about it, I don’t debate if I fancy it, or think have I got time I just go as it’s Tuesday. End result regular yoga, happier mind and body!

Habits can be difficult to modify. I have started to learn to play the saxophone. Many years ago, I played the flute. Now the finger positions for both are very similar but not identical. Sure enough my brain will try and throw in a flute fingering despite the fact I haven’t picked one up for about 15 years!

One of the things we do every day at the practice is try to alter our patients habits to benefit their oral health. We want them to without having to think about it do some interdental cleaning every day for example. If they must consciously remember to do it, they won’t for very long.

We try and get people out of bad habits they may have established. A common one is rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth. I must admit I still slip up and do it sometimes as I was taught to do it as a child. You are just washing the toothpaste and hence the fluoride in it away.

A new habit many patients have picked up recently is drinking water with lemon juice in it. Yes, we all need to drink more water and lemon tastes good. Lemon is though very acidic and can dissolve tooth enamel.

So, think about your habits and if you need some help with the dental ones have a chat with us at Lindley Dental.