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Happy Christmas from Lindley Dental!

Happy Christmas from Lindley Dental!
3 December 2018

, Happy Christmas from Lindley Dental!

Christmas gift box on snow.

Today as I write this is, I think, “Cyber Monday” and last Friday was “Black Friday”. Are we really benefiting from these American events that have spread to our shores?! I think a lot of us would like to get back to a simpler more traditional Christmas that focuses on spending time with our family, rather than searching the internet for a bargain.

Of course, not everything that comes to us via the US is bad. The Americans have long been fans of cosmetic dentistry. Now some of them like an extreme look, very white and perfect and that isn’t always to our taste. Plus, dental health should always be considered before having your teeth worked on. That said improving your smile can do wonders for your confidence.

Cosmetic techniques are becoming more conservative of the natural tooth tissue and preserve health. Tooth whitening is a very popular treatment we offer and is totally safe when done with professional advice and supervision. No tooth is removed, the treatment is easy and non-invasive and gives your whole smile a great lift.

Also becoming more popular is short courses of orthodontics for adults. This involves less obvious braces than the traditional metal ones and concentrates on the front teeth. Treatment time is quite short. Teeth are aligned with the braces then retainers used to keep them in place. It can make a big difference to your smile. We use the QST system, Haider one of our dentists would be delighted to tell you all about it.

Much search comes out of the US and I have been reading about a study of 700 adults showing a link between their oral hygiene habits and their risk of stroke and heart disease. So, although we are all crazy busy at this time of year, we should all pause and give our tooth brushing the time and concentration it deserves. It will help keep us healthy.

The team and I wish you a fabulous Christmas and best wishes for 2019!

We look forward to looking after you next year.