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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
18 January 2023

So, it’s January once again. Not my favourite time of year dark cold and so far, this year, very wet!
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It can be a good time to focus on your health though. This year I am doing dry January again. What do you have planned? I had some time off in the new year so whilst waiting for my teenage daughter to surface I caught up on some webinars. One was with Nigel Carter of the Dental Health Foundation. They are about to launch a big campaign called Oral Active. A few things he said struck a chord with me. A third of British adults brush their teeth once a day and 62% do no interdental cleaning at all. Now hopefully our patients do better than those stats, but they are quite staggering.

He also said It is well shown in research now that you can’t have good general health without good oral health.

Plus, he said it takes 66 days to change a habit. Which I had heard before but forgotten.

So what habit are going to change this year to be healthier? We are here to help you with your oral health absolutely, that said what you do yourself and home makes an enormous difference.

So maybe I need to stay “dry” for more than 66 days!

Best wishes for 2023
Sharon Jardine