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Have you been watching the Olympics?

Have you been watching the Olympics?
6 August 2021

, Have you been watching the Olympics?I have been more than usual this time. Often, it’s only Wimbledon that I watch on TV sport wise. These games though I am getting into it! It’s been great to have some good news.

It’s very moving at times to see people reaching what is for many their childhood dream, often facing difficult challenges on the way.

It a difficult time in the practice just now. School holidays /always are challenging staff wise, this year compounded by isolation and the dreaded “ping”. We feel like we are still playing catch up from last year’s closure, despite being re-open for a year now. Patients are coming to us even now who have stayed away since covid arrived. PPE is still to be worn, fallow time to be followed and will are still trying to communicate all masked up.

, Have you been watching the Olympics?While it is flattering that we have many new patients wanting to change practices and come to us that adds extra pressures.

Now, none of my team are planning to compete in the Olympics, that I know of any way, but they do all work hard with the goal of looking after our patients the best we can.

So next week I intend to find some achievements to celebrate with the team. I may not have any gold medals to hand out, but a few thank you for a great job always go down well.

If you think we have done a good job, we would really appreciate it if you tell us, as a lovely lady did this week. Being in dentistry is hard just now but we keep on going!

Enjoy the summer, best wishes

Sharon Jardine