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Illegal Tooth Whitening

Illegal Tooth Whitening
18 June 2013

October 31st saw a tightening of UK Law regarding tooth whitening.  Products for teeth whitening containing or releasing 0.1 and 6% hydrogen peroxide can only be sold to a registered dental practitioner.

A recent “Fake Britain” program highlighted the case of Mr Barringon Charles Armstrong Thorpe who was receiving  a jail term for misleading consumers as to the legality of the tooth whitening products he was selling on-line.  Tests found his product contained 10.3% hydrogen peroxide, well over the legal limit.

It is illegal for non dentists to carry out teeth whitening.  Dr Wyman Chan who appeared on the program commented that the area of concern is the availability of teeth whitening kiosks in reputable shopping malls.  Given that these are well recognised places, the public has the perception that that the kiosks are legal.  However that is often not the case.

If you would like whiter teeth your first port of call should be your dentist.  They can advise how to achieve a great smile safely and without damaging your teeth.  Plus it will be legal!