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Implants versus dentures

Implants versus dentures
26 February 2019


, Implants versus dentures

It was our pleasure recently to provide the brother of one of our regular patients some new dentures. He was visiting from Canada, so we only had three weeks to get them done. Thanks to our wonderful denture laboratory, who make dentures for us, rushing the job though, it was done with a few days to spare. So, he had time to wear them and have some slight adjustments before going home. I got to find out more about Canada along the way!

All went well, and they were a big improvement on what he had before. So, all good. Or was it? They are still dentures with the limitations that comes with them. What he would like to do next is have some  dental implants. He could either replace the dentures with implant retained bridges. The alterative would be implant retained dentures which are then firmly held in place.

And why not? If you are in reasonable health, assuming there are no technical issues from our point of view, implants are a good investment. You don’t have to manage with dentures that sit on your gums.

Implant retained bridges are very close to having your own teeth back. Or, if you don’t want to go to that extent, less implants can be used for implant retained dentures which are then held positively in place.

So, if you have missing teeth you have options and we would be happy to help you explore them. Dental implants can transform your smile and improve your quality of life- we all want to enjoy eating!

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