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Missing teeth? You don’t have to put with the gap…

Missing teeth? You don’t have to put with the gap…

Missing teeth can be unsightly. You may have problems when eating such as food packing, chewing may be difficult and you may have to avoid certain foods altogether.

Now more than ever, there’s no need for you to put up with problems such as these. Lindley Dental Centre’s professionals are fully trained and experienced in providing modern dentistry solutions to end the problem. Come to us, and you may well find you have more options than you thought for filling that gap…

Dental Implants

Implants can provide a permanent solution for missing teeth and we have the expertise to place them right here at Lindley Dental. Implants are firmly anchored in your mouth so that they look and perform almost exactly the same as natural teeth. Unlike bridges, they do not involve work on the adjacent teeth – and they don’t impinge on the gums of the remaining teeth, so they are better for your gums than a denture or a plate.

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These involve using adjacent teeth to support replacements for their missing neighbours.

Traditionally this involved crowning the teeth alongside, using metal covered in porcelain. Now we can offer all-porcelain bridges which are cosmetically far superior. Additionally, in some cases bridges can be fixed to neighbouring teeth, avoiding the need to crown them altogether.

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Partial Dentures

This traditional option is still appropriate for some people. A good appearance can be achieved and this can be a good solution if many teeth are missing.

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