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Mouth Cancer Action Month November 2013

Mouth Cancer Action Month November 2013
31 October 2013

This November we will be supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month again.

Staff will be wearing the blue ribbon badge to show their support in trying to raise awareness of this disease.

Did you know?

Mouth Cancer Statistics

6,539 new mouth cancer cases every year (based on latest statistics in 2010).1

That’s around 18 people every day.1

There are more deaths from mouth cancer than there are through road traffic accidents.2

Around 70% of mouth cancers in men and around 55% in women in the UK are caused by smoking tobacco.1

One in three mouth cancer cases are as the result of excessive alcohol use.1

More than half of cases in the UK are linked to a poor diet.1

Research has suggested….

A morning cigarette doubles the risk of developing mouth cancer.3

Eating vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or sprouts at least once a week could cut the risk of developing mouth cancer.6

Our Survey shows….

46% of people didn’t know they could ask their dentist to check for mouth cancer.7

50% would leave a mouth ulcer more than four weeks before seeking medical attention.7

One in three people are unsure if they are at risk of mouth cancer.

 The campaign is about taking action. Don’t leave that ulcer unattended for more than three weeks. Don’t ignore that unusual lump or swelling or red and white patches in your mouth. Early detection could save your life. Visit a dentist and get it checked out.