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Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer
31 October 2016

So it’s November already. If you managed Stop-tober or sober October well done!

Before you launch into the excesses of Christmas stop a think about your oral health for a minute.

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month run by the Oral Health Foundation.The aim of the month is to get more cancers diagnosed at an early stage by raising awareness of the risk factors, signs and symptoms.

Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer in the UK

7,000 new cases of mouth cancer are diagnosed in the UK every year. 2,000 people die in the UK of the disease each year.

Most cases are linked with tobacco and alcohol use.

Over exposure to the sun can cause lip cancer.

What to look for?

A painless ulcer that doesn’t heal. A white or a red patch should also be checked.

So what can I do to make sure my mouth stays healthy?

Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Eat a balanced diet getting your 5 portions of fruit/veg a day. This will also protect against other cancers.

Visit your dentist regularly. Remember they can see parts of your mouth you cannot see yourself.

How we can help?

As part of a Dental Health Check at Lindley Dental we examine all areas of your mouth and signs of mouth cancer are one of the things we are looking for.

So if in doubt get it checked out.

All through November we are offering free oral cancer checks at Lindley Dental.

So give us a call on 01484 425192 to book your free Mouth Cancer check and let your friends know too.

Sharon Jardine

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