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Pandemic fatigue

Pandemic fatigue
4 August 2020

Undoubtedly the early stages of the pandemic were hard. One minute I have a lively, thriving practice the next minute we are told to close down. At home, I went from having a husband away working all week, my son away at Uni and my daughter at school, to all of us at home all day every day.

That time has passed but I feel now is also difficult in a different way. Many of us have had enough of the crisis now, and feel it is dragging on. At the practice it can be hard. Patients have to ring to be allowed in the practice door, so the phone seems to be always going. The PPE is hot and uncomfortable. We can’t just get on and do some things as we used to, careful planning to reduce risk is needed. The hygienists are having to hand scale much more than before and so it goes on. “When can we get back to normal?” is a question I am frequently asked by the team.

My business coach, who is much wiser than me, repeatedly says this is a marathon and not a sprint. I think that is a good analogy. The initial relief/nerves/excitement of returning to work are gone, we just need to keep on doing what we are doing! Not surprising fatigue is setting in. To keep going with the marathon theme I hope I do not hit the wall.

The reason for all the extra “stuff” was really brought home to me this week. We are finding out how all our patients are as they come in to see us and how lockdown has been for them. One lovely lady has lost her sister to Covid, she was just 59 and very soon her brother in law also died from the virus.

So be aware of pandemic fatigue! If you are contacting us on the phone and coming to the practice please try and be patient with all the extra questions, the locked door and so on.  I ask that you are kind to my team who are trying their best in a difficult situation. Be careful and I hope you stay safe and well.

Best wishes Sharon

Owner Lindley Dental