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Planning a new smile for 2017

Planning a new smile for 2017
13 February 2017

, Planning a new smile for 2017So how’s your year going so far? Have you kept your New Year’s resolutions?

With spring approaching you may now be thinking about special events later in the year perhaps a wedding, an anniversary, a big birthday or a special holiday.

As well as that killer outfit and new hair cut is there some improvements you’d like to make to your smile before the big day? Cosmetic dental treatments such as whitening can really boost your confidence. If you are maybe struggling with dentures, how about looking at some implants to support them before you give that speech or have to eat in public?

It pays to ask your dentist well in advance if you are thinking of making some changes to your smile as all treatments have a timescale. Occasionally we can’t do what a patient wants before that special event as there is not enough time.

So here are some appropriate timescales to guide you:
• At home tooth whitening with trays- Four weeks wearing the trays plus a week to get the trays made after we take the moulds for you – see our tooth whitening offer too!
, Planning a new smile for 2017

• In surgery “Zoom” whitening- again a week for making some trays, the appointment for the whitening then about a week with the trays at night to stabilise the result. It is a long appointment so it may need to be booked a bit further in advance than the at home whitening.

• Crowns/veneers- These are bespoke items made for you by the dental technician. I would advise allowing a month at least. Straightforward cases are done in 10 days, some work may need to be returned to the technician for a slight alteration this adds another visit. If you are planning a radical change some planning time is a good idea as is time to adjust to your new look before showing it off on the big day.

• Dental Implants-these take normally 3-6 months. Implants need to settle into the bone before they are used to support teeth. If you need a bone graft this extends treatment to 6-12 months.

• Dentures- again a bespoke item(s) made for you by the technician, these usually involve 4-5 visits and you should allow about 6 weeks. Also you should give yourself time to bed them in and get used to them.

• Straightening teeth with braces- If correcting your teeth is suitable for our Quick Straight Teeth approach this can be done in about 6 months. However you may need more traditional braces which in adults can take about 2 years.

, Planning a new smile for 2017

As well as how long the actual treatment takes bear in mind booking your appointments. At Lindley we have good availability of appointments but popular times obviously go first. If you are limited when you can come then you need to start planning a little earlier. Also unexpected things can happen, illness etc so don’t cut it too fine.

So if you think we might be able to help you with your preparation for that big event do give us a call. You maybe pleasantly surprised as to what modern dentistry can offer you.
And finally…

If you thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day please brush your teeth first!
, Planning a new smile for 2017