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Red Bull Gives You Wings!

Red Bull Gives You Wings!
1 August 2018

Appealing isn’t it?

Who won’t want to fly! But what else does it give you other than a glimmer of hope that you can fly.
Dr Nigel carter of the Oral Health Foundation recently pointed out “Energy drinks contain an obscene amount of caffeine and sugar resulting in concerns around behaviour as well as health”

Energy drinks contain twice the daily allowance of sugar for a child.
Some national supermarkets have voluntarily introduced a ban earlier this year on the sale of energy drinks to under 16s, which is great. Surely it is time for the government to act, the Foundation is calling for a change in the law.

In the meantime, parents can act by educating their children in avoiding these products. We just don’t need all that sugar and caffeine. There are many alterative drinks available. Diabetes, obesity and tooth decay are not what we want for our children.

So, although I would love wings I give Red Bull the miss!
If you would like any help or advice with diet issues do give us a call at Lindley Dental. We have two nurses who have an additional qualification in Oral Health Education on hand to help you.

Sharon Jardine
Principal Dentist, Lindley Dental