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Running and Oral Health

Running and Oral Health
25 April 2016

Spring is here your thoughts may turn to getting fitter, don’t risk damage to your teeth in the process!

Many of the energy drinks and gels you may use to fuel your muscles have incredibly high levels of sugar so by using them you are at higher risk of tooth decay.

Apart from the sugar content another big problem for runners is the acid in your diet. Many of the drinks and gels contain phosphoric acid or citric acid which has a terrible effect on teeth. Exposing your teeth to acid causes erosion-loss of tooth enamel by acid attack.

Top tops for running to look after your mouth:

  1. Stay hydrated
    Essential in many aspects of running plus a good saliva flow will help protect your teeth
  2. Be Patient before brushing your teeth!
    After you eat or drink anything acidic the enamel on your teeth is softened. Wait an hour before brushing your teeth to allow them to recover.
  3. Try not to snack or sip
    If you sip sugary drinks over the course of a few hours you never give your teeth chance to recover and expose them to constant attack. Try to consume acidic and sugary food and drink in one go and if possible as part of a meal.
  4. Chew!
    Chewing sugar free gum helps promote the production of saliva which neutralises acids
  5. Ease acid attacks
    Rinse your mouth with water after sugary food and drink

As for everyone else don’t forget to brush!

If you do run or do other training that maybe challenging your oral health the team at Lindley Dental are happy to discuss it with you.