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Sports Enthusiasts Encouraged To “Brush Up”

Sports Enthusiasts Encouraged To “Brush Up”
4 August 2014

Events like Tour de France and The Common Wealth Games have given us all a boost in motivation to get out and get active, but we must remember not to neglect our teeth.
Through busy training regimes consuming high carbohydrate foods and sugary energy drinks across a prolonged period you are at risk of dental erosion and tooth decay. The loss of tooth enamel caused by acid attacks, is a process which can be triggered by consuming fizzy drinks too often. This leads to the exposure of the layer underneath the enamel called dentine, which can become sensitive and teeth can look discoloured.
Tooth decay happens when sugar reacts with the bacteria in plaque. Cavities then need filling and can result in tooth loss.
Many links have been found between good oral health along with good overall health, including diabetes, lung diseases and heart problems.
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