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Taking time to plan

Taking time to plan
1 February 2020

Where are you going? Where to you want to be?

Big questions! How often do any of us take some time to plan our futures? What are we working towards and is it what we want? We are all very busy but are we achieving what we want to?

This year we are working in the practice with business coach Chris Barrow. Earlier this week he came and spent the day with us. Wednesday morning saw me sat opposite him in our local coffee shop staring at a blank piece of paper being told to write my goals down for the next three years.

Talk about being put on the spot. Any way when forced I did eventually come up with quite a few. Why 3 years you may ask. Apparently, that is as far as you can realistically plan because unexpected stuff does happen! Three years is quite poignant for me because that is how much longer my daughter is at home before she too goes to uni like her bother.

So one of the goals was a long trip just hubbie and me not in school holidays!
All this planning got me thinking about how this might apply to teeth! This week we have seen many emergency patients and I am quite happy to help people in need who have pain to just sort out their problem. This approach though if repeated time and time again does not take any kind of long-term view. To have good oral health through life into old age can often need some planning, for example, are the gums healthy, are those heavily filled teeth going to last and what might replace them when the time comes.

We are all busy and crises can occur, but if we never plan, they are more likely. So, do you know where your oral health is heading and is it where you want to be?
So let’s take some time to plan. We would be delighted to help you take the longer-term view whether that be something simple like a regular hygiene programme or more advanced such as dental implants.

I am going to type up my goals now!

Happy planning!
Sharon Jardine