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Teeth Straightening for the New You

Teeth Straightening for the New You
21 December 2017

As the new year approaches, we find ourselves enjoying the festivities and having those good times and creating ever-lasting memories with family and friends.

It is also the time we think about our new year’s resolutions and aspirations, maybe a new project we always wanted to start, or maybe some aspects within ourselves we always wanted to improve on…

So why not let teeth straightening and a more confident smile be one of those aspirations to aim for?

I am going to try and briefly explain what we provide here at Lindley Dental to make you achieve the smile you always wanted but probably never made the first step to achieve this…

Teeth alignment (also known as orthodontic treatment) is one of the most common ways that people use to improve their smile to achieve straighter teeth and create a more confident smile that reflects a more confident you. After all we are always drawn socially to those perfectly aligned teeth that unfortunately nature doesn’t always intend.

Here at Lindley Dental, we always strive to provide the most up-to-date systems and dental techniques for our patients and our dentist Haider provides the option of teeth straightening to those who are suitable using the specialist-led Quick Straight Teeth system.

Some questions our patients ask us regarding teeth straightening?

Who can have braces?

People of any age can have braces. Yes, that is true. You don’t have to be teenager for treatment to work and it is certainly never too late to look into having the perfectly aligned teeth you always hoped for.

What is the Quick Straight Teeth system?

It is an orthodontic (usually fixed braces) system designed by a number of UK-based orthodontic specialists to be used by general dentists to help their patients in their own practices achieve the teeth alignment and the smile they always wished for. It is for patients who require alignment of the anterior (front teeth) within certain limits and exceptions.

What kind of cases do you usually treat?

Cases we usually see in our practice are crowded teeth that are tilted out of place.

Some cases can also be spaced out teeth and teeth that are rotated out of place.
As with any orthodontic systems used by general dentists, not all patients can be treated and this depends on the complexity of the case and the teeth movement required to achieve the teeth alignment desired.

We can advise you of whether you’re suitable to be treated at our practice or whether a specialist referral is needed.

Do you use metal wires?

The system uses tooth coloured (ceramic) brackets that are fixed to teeth and an option of tooth-coloured wires is also available. The braces are a lot more discrete compared to the average metal (train track) wires/brackets.

How long does treatment take?

Of course, this varies widely but in most cases teeth straightening is carried out within 6 months of commencement of treatment. However, in certain cases as little as 3 months is needed. In some cases, the treatment may take longer than 6 months depending on many variables.

How much does the treatment cost?

This depends widely on the expected time needed to complete the case and we are happy to give you a tailored quote for treatment cost depending on what you would like to improve. This quote usually includes everything from fixed and removable retainers (to maintain the end result) as well as teeth whitening trays and gel too.

As an example, a case we completed recently of both upper and lower teeth that took around 6 months to complete was an investment of £2600 to the patient.

How often do I need to see you during the treatment?

We usually see patients once every three to four weeks from the date the braces are fitted to the day the braces are removed and the treatment is finalised.

Is there anything else I need to consider?

There are many points we discuss before embarking on treatment and we usually provide you with an information and consent pack for you to have a detailed understanding of the treatment you would like to have prior to starting anything.

A case treated recently (lower brace only)

, Teeth Straightening for the New You

Close-up of Ceramic tooth-coloured brace

, Teeth Straightening for the New You

After treatment with fixed retainer

, Teeth Straightening for the New You

I hope the details above may provide some understanding of what can be provided here at Lindley Dental and demystifies the art and science of orthodontic treatment.

For more of a tailored assessment of your smile case and your treatments needs, you can call us and book a chat (free of charge) with myself Haider. If you have some questions you would like me to answer during this appointment, jot these down and bring them with you on the day.

For more online information, please visit

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year – Haider Hussain, Dentist Lindley Dental
, Teeth Straightening for the New You