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Why do you keep asking me about my medical history?!

Why do you keep asking me about my medical history?!
29 March 2018

Recently many of our patients have been using our new Clinipad tablets to fill out a fresh medical history. For some it has been a little bit tricky and we thank you for your patience! Once you have filled it in once next time the information you have entered will be there just for you to check. By using the tablets, we hope to save paper and reduce the time spent scanning the sheets into your records.

We need you to fill out a new medical history once a year that you have signed. Why is this? Well firstly to comply with safe practice but also to ensure our medical records for you are accurate and correct. If we just ask you if there has been any change it is very easy to say yes, all the same and forget a new medication/change.

So why is your medical history important and relevant to your dental care? Well your mouth is an important part of your body. General health affects your mouth and vice versa. Some illnesses or conditions have a direct impact on your mouth, others a more subtle effect.

Saliva is important for keeping our mouths clean and neutralises acid from plaque bacteria. Over 500 medications can reduce your saliva. If we know you are at risk from dry mouth we can help you manage it. Also, we can help you to reduce the risks of dry mouth particularly tooth decay.

Many people are on medication that “thins” your blood and so increase the time it takes to clot. Your dentist needs to know about this, so you can be treated appropriately, especially if you need an extraction.

Gum disease is a condition that we spend a lot of time at the practice helping you fight. Ill health, some medications, hormones and so on can affect your gums.

You may be on medication for osteoporosis. These drugs affect the turnover of bone throughout the body. This can affect healing after oral surgery procedures, so we need to know about these.

If you are diabetic this may cause you to modify your diet and so may put you at higher risk of decay. Diabetes also increase your gum disease risk.

Many of us are allergic to various things. If we know about your allergies we can provide safe treatment and prescribe appropriately if you need some antibiotics.
Smoking and alcohol we ask you about both as these are risk factors for oral cancer.

So, informing your dentist of your general health is important. Work with your dental team and think of your dentist as a mouth doctor rather than a tooth fixer.
If you have any questions about your oral health do get in touch with us at Lindley Dental

Sharon Jardine
Principal Dentist
Lindley Dental

, Why do you keep asking me about my medical history?!