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Why Join a Dental Plan

Why Join a Dental Plan
29 September 2016

Put simply joining dental plan makes it easier to look after your oral health.

Patients who are on a plan attend the dentist more often than those who are not. If we don’t see you we can’t help you! In a Denplan survey earlier this year 92% of plan patients attended every six months but only 50% of those who weren’t on a plan.

Regular attendance at a dental practice is the cornerstone of preventive care. Most dental problems don’t hurt until they have progressed significantly. Your dentist will pick up issues much sooner than you will. Attending the hygienist regularly reset your motivation with your oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene goes a long way towards good gum health which is increasingly connected to good general health.

, Why Join a Dental Plan

, Why Join a Dental Plan

Being a plan member also has the benefit of predictable monthly payments so spreading the cost of private dental care. In addition you will be covered for emergency treatment if needed when away from home plus payment for care needed as a result of dental injury.

Blog Denplan 2 300x190We choose Denplan as our plan provider as long ago as 2003 and are still delighted with their service both to us and our patients.

More recently we took our Denplan membership a stage further and are now proud to be Denplan Excel accredited. To join Excel the practice is thoroughly inspected. We then agree to follow Denplan’s quality assurance programme and are revalidated every 18months. Excel re-enforces our commitment to quality care and continuous improvement with our patients’ best interests in mind throughout.

As part of being an Excel practice Denplan carry out a patient survey on our behalf. This gives our patients a confidential way to give feedback and allows then to express their views. We can then respond to the survey to improve what we offer in line with what patients want. Saturday opening was for example requested by many patients in a past survey and is now a feature of what we offer.

So if you haven’t joined a dental plan take a few minutes to find the best one for you, get signed up, then look forward to better dental health.

Sharon Jardine

Denplan sign-up

To sign up for Denplan, please follow the link below to the Denplan website, where you’ll find a simple registration form for you to complete.

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