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Kick sugar!

Kick sugar!
16 May 2020

How’s your lockdown going?

Like many, I had big ideas of what I might do while off work! One of which was to finally read “kick Sugar” which is written by a dentist I much admire James Goolnik. James’ practice is in central London and his book hopes to raise for charity the Rewards project. The charity helps to promote alternative rewards for children other than sweet things. Tooth decay is still shamefully the number one reason children are admitted to hospital in the UK. Why do we always give children sweets/cakes when they do something that merits an award?

Sugar, as we know, rots your teeth, expands your waistline, and then can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also can cause you to be bloated, tired and lacking in energy.

Now I admit there has been extra baking and treats in our house to get through the lockdown. My good intentions have not so far come good! It’s not too late though to change your habits before we get back to work.

In James’ book, he talks about how we drown our taste buds in sugar on a daily basis. If you give it up for 6 days your taste buds will reset.
So why not give it a try? Reboot your health, your energy levels and your taste buds by kicking sugar!

If you fancy buying the book it has lots of good tips and recipes as well as information on how sugar effects are body to convince you to try and cut it out. All proceeds from the book go to charity.

Stay well everyone and keep smiling!