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Nicely Sold To

Nicely Sold To
11 June 2019

When was the last time you were well sold to? Selling has got a bad name for itself. If you are my age double glazing sales men spring to mind. More recently it has been PPI. Pushy sales people trying to sell something to you that you don’t want.

It shouldn’t be like that. A good sales experience should involve the seller finding out what will work for you. Going through your options and then helping you buy the best solution for you. Even if that means you not buying from them at that moment. We recently had a great sales experience:

All four of my family went into Leeds shopping, even my shopping-phobic son! We went to the centre Victoria Gate. After a few clothing items where brought my daughter asked where we going to buy a milk frothing gadget for making cappuccino etc. We had talked about it before but not done anything. So off we go to the Nespresso shop.

The shop is very smart, very spacious with plenty of staff. One sales lady then went on to very nicely sell us a coffee machine. We had demonstrations and we tried different coffees. She found out what we liked and what we thought we were looking for. She knew her products very well. We came to the conclusion, with her help, that we probably were better off getting a coffee maker that froths milk as well, rather than wishing later we had got something that does it all.

Now the men in the family love a gadget so I thought it was best we had a think about it. She was happy for us to that. Later on, we went back brought the machine plus some coffee pods. We came out with a big smart bag, some free cups and smiles on our face. The machine has pride of place in our kitchen and is well used. It does what we want it to and thanks to the lovely sales lady even I know how to work it. So, win-win she got the sale and we got a good product that suits us.

Now how does this relate to dentistry? Well I hope when you visit our practice you have a great experience and sometimes you are nicely sold to. We will take time to find out what you are looking for be it health, better appearance and so on. Use our knowledge to discuss all your options with you before allowing you to decide what if anything you want to buy from us. No pushiness no pressure just conversation. So if you are putting off visiting a dentist give us a call. Whether you go ahead with any suggested treatment is up to you but have the conversation, you may be pleased you did.