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What Constitutes a Dental Emergency? Know When to Seek Immediate Care

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency? Know When to Seek Immediate Care
6 November 2023

Some oral problems are more urgent than others so how do you know when to come in quickly?

A facial swelling – this indicates a spreading infection, and you should come and see us quickly.

A temperature – if you have a temperature and toothache again this could be a dental infection and you need to attend urgently.

Trauma – involving your teeth- again attend as soon as you can. Early treatment can give you a better outcome in some cases.

Pain with Hot things – If your dental pain is triggered severely by hot stimulus this can indicate an unhealthy nerve in a tooth and is unlikely to settle so you need to come and see us.

Difficult to control with painkillers – Don’t wait any longer, call a dentist!

If your dental pain is mostly with cold and soon goes off again that needs checking but is not urgent.

A lost crown/cap is not usually very urgent, but delay can allow movement of teeth. If you can replace the crowns and remove it for eating so it isn’t swallowed.

The urgency of a lost filling will depend on how comfortable you are.

At Lindley we understand how worrying a dental issue can be and how dental pain can be very debilitating. Do call if you have an issue. Registered patients will be assessed by our reception team and seen in an appropriate time frame. Call us early, we open at 8.30. We all have emergency appointments in our book. We will see nonregistered patients if we can. We are open Saturday morning, so you don’t have to manage all weekend if trouble strikes.

So, if you have a problem, don’t panic just pick up the phone, we are here to help you.