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Implants versus dentures

Implants versus dentures

26th February 2019

  It was our pleasure recently to provide the brother of one of our regular patients some new dentures. He was visiting from Canada, so we only had three weeks to get them done. Thanks to our wonderful denture laboratory, who make dentures for us, rushing the job though, it was done with a few…

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Adult Braces – Quick Straight teeth

31st January 2019

Here at Lindley we want you to have a health smile that you can be proud of. We offer a treatment called Quick Straight Teeth or QST with dentist Haider Hussain This is a fixed brace system to correcting mild mis-alignments of the front 6 to 8 teeth in adults. QST is quick – Treatment…

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Happy New Year! 2019

16th January 2019

So, how’s your year going so far? I am doing Dry January again. I find it a good way to lose a bit of post-Christmas weight and reset my alcohol intake. As a wine drinker it’s very easy for it to creep up through the year! So far, I am not finding it that difficult…

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Happy Christmas from Lindley Dental!

3rd December 2018

Today as I write this is, I think, “Cyber Monday” and last Friday was “Black Friday”. Are we really benefiting from these American events that have spread to our shores?! I think a lot of us would like to get back to a simpler more traditional Christmas that focuses on spending time with our family,…

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If in doubt get it checked out!

1st November 2018

Now we all understand that you may put off a trip to the dentist! We are all busy and despite my team’s best efforts there are nicer things to do. If though you have a white or red patch in your mouth, a painless ulcer that doesn’t heal, an unusual lump in your mouth or…

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Are you ready to learn new things and consider changing your habits?

17th October 2018

None of us knows everything! When I first qualified and went to work as a new dentist at the grand age of 22 I thought I had left dental school with the majority of the knowledge I would need to work in general practice. How wrong I was! My first job in a busy NHS…

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

11th September 2018

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Did you enjoy the summer? As you may know I like to travel and this summer has been no exception. Myself and my family have been lucky enough to go to Jamaica in July then Japan in August. It is said that travel broadens the mind and…

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Red Bull Gives You Wings!

1st August 2018

Appealing isn’t it? Who won’t want to fly! But what else does it give you other than a glimmer of hope that you can fly. Dr Nigel carter of the Oral Health Foundation recently pointed out “Energy drinks contain an obscene amount of caffeine and sugar resulting in concerns around behaviour as well as health”…

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What more x-rays?

3rd July 2018

Patients are often concerned about dental x-rays and if they can affect their health. I think the fact you can’t see x-rays makes us naturally weary of them. Dentistry is one of the few areas in medicine where x-rays are regularly taken. I often reassure people that they are a very low dose of radiation…

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Smile! It’s National Smile Month 2018

16th May 2018

The 14th of May marks the start of National Smile Month 2018. As usual, at Lindley Dental we will be doing our bit to raise awareness about how to look after your oral health. The first campaign was in 1977. So, is it still necessary? Surely in 2018 people have good teeth in England? Unfortunately,…

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